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This was a sort of throwback to my past for me. Firstly, Ashley & Brendan are seriously such great people. They were always a pleasure to be around and they both had sharp senses of humor. Ashley was always so so good with communication which is a treat for a wedding photographer. However come wedding day, she put her faith in my process and just enjoyed one of the best days of their lives. The photos were incredibly fun to create and I never found myself with an opportunity to shoot. Now the throwback aspect.

When you grow up as a child, there are a few people who you remember in your adult life who’s influence has had a profound impact on the person you become. For me, it was my middle school art teacher. And low and behold, this fine Saturday, he was there. It was such a surreal experience and I had the honor of thanking him for his influence that he gave me as a young Paul. The way he taught and the general presence he had in his classroom has had a big impact on who I am today at the fine age of 33. I attribute him as one of the very reasons I now do this as a career. He taught us as kids to be fearless in what you create and to not let yourself get in your own visions way. Humbling lesson to say the least, however incredibly grateful.

Moving forward to present day again, Ashley and Brendan had a perfect wedding day. The Blithewold Mansion in Bristol RI is a wedding photographers dream come true. Its literally flawless and the detail to the grounds are meticulous to an almost obsessive degree. I have always wanted to shoot there and am so happy to finally have had the chance. The day progressed as one should. Smiles, big love and crazy happiness were prominent into the evening as the DJ’s had even the older folks on the dancefloor shakin’ it. Weddings like these are the kind that recharge my brain so to speak and couples like Ashley & Brendan are always, always a welcomed duo. Enjoy.


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