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Each week I get to work with an awesome couple and each week I want to share my experiences with everyone. The problem with this is that I have to really try hard to reign it in as a photographer to highlight on venues that really stand out. That being said, Kinney Bungalow is one of my favorites in New England. I always have such a blast shooting there. Its one of those venues where its hard to take a bad photo.

On top of trying to reign in that need to want to share photos with pretty much everyone on earth, I also have a desire to share my experiences with the couples that I am photographing. I always feel a strange sort of guilt because I have nice stuff to say about everyone and I never would want someone to feel as though I only display my favorites or that I am “reviewing” my experience with them. These wedding days each week are about the couples and who they are, not about who they are to me. So with that said, my future blog posts about my wedding work will be kept to strictly photos and quotes from said couples, as well as any experiences I have in my travels or shooting that really stand out. This goes into effect after talking about my experience with Leslie & Matt, because I can’t not speak about what incredible people they really are. 

As you will be able to imagine once you see their faces in the photos to follow, Leslie and Matt are incredibly warm and inviting people. Leslie was such a total sweetheart and Matt was seriously one of the friendliest dudes I have met in my life. When I arrived to photograph Leslie getting ready, I was welcomed into her home by really awesome friends with big genuine smiles on their faces. I really love doing the getting ready in the homes of my couples. Its interesting to see the photos on their walls and kind of get an inside look as to who they are in their day to day lives. While Leslie calmly prepared to marry her soon to be husband, Matt was enjoying a good surf and got ready on his way to the chapel. This gave me extra time with the bride-to-be and I was able to get a bit more creative due to the extra allotted time.

Their ceremony was super fun. There were speakers quoting Calvin & Hobbs and their guests filled every seat in the house. My friend Sean was helping me second shoot and he was so crammed that he had to stand on a bench in the way back to do his thing. But even with lots of voices buzzing about and no room to move, it was nice. Everyone was so happy to be there and the warmth of everybody’s happiness made it comforting. You felt a sense of everything right in the world at that given moment. Yea it sounds cheesy but whatever. Im a wedding photographer.

The rest of the day progressed seamlessly. The ocean breeze was so nice after such a hot summer and I found myself meeting and chatting with pretty much all of their guests. I felt more like a guest at the wedding by the end of the night and that is ideally what it should be. When I am comfortable in my surroundings, I can photograph what is happening from a much more personal point of view. In any regard, I am bummed that my time with them is up. As with most of my couples, I got so emotionally invested in them. Its really hard not to because you spend so much time learning about them and being at their side on such an important day. Then, once they get married and the day is passed, I seldom hear from them again and often wonder how they are or if it would be creepy for me to reach out to check in. With that said, some of the closest friends I have now came into my life through my work. I hope these two incredible people fall into that same role. Enjoy.

Marriage is a partnership and becoming a family with someone that you want to work side by side with someone to build a life, make memories and fulfill dreams, through misfortunes and triumphs. It is a lifelong commitment to that someone whom you love, support, respect, admire and appreciate.

— Leslie

Marriage to me is about love, family, friendship, adventure, trust, and respect. It’s incredible to me how two individuals, with their own lives and separate paths, can become forever intertwined in synchrony with one another. Each one of us infinitely important to the other in countless ways. A home for one another, wherever that may be. A partner to joyously share the voyage of life.

— Matt
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