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Jackie & Brandon’s wedding is approaching fast and I wanted to get some face time in with them before the big day. There were storms on the horizon for their session and the clouds were heavy but it led to some stunning light. Enjoy.

It’s a bit surreal. This has been a day that has lingered in the back of our minds for so long, it’s hard to believe we’re finally here. We’ve grown up, built our lives and created a home together over these years. We know ourselves and each other well enough to be able to celebrate this milestone truly in our own way. A lot of couples consider a wedding the beginning point, but to us it’s about embracing the end of the beginning – 10 years is just the warm up!

— Jackie
Photo is actually 4 photos stitched into 1 panoramic.
Photo is actually 4 photos stitched into 1 panoramic.

Even though it has been nearly ten years that Jackie and I have been together, November 1st (our 10 year anniversary) will still be a very special day for us. It is the start of a new era for us. We are fortunate to spend it with our wonderful families and friends, all of whom will be together for the first time. In my eyes, it is as much about them as it is us; all of their love and support has brought us to this point and we couldn’t have done it without them.

— Brandon
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