From Newport Mansion Weddings to Downtown Boston Weddings and everything in between, this is where I share various collections of wedding days. This offers something of a portfolio to those unfamiliar with my work. These weddings capture various seasons, locations and lighting conditions and how I showcase those variables photographically.


Borderland State Park Engagement Session | Leanne & Sam | Boston Wedding Photographer
Being a career level wedding photographer, I meet a lot of incredible couples. I would like to think that I'd consider the majority of them as friends when their wedding day has passed and their photographs have been delivered. With each couple, I share a special bond with. The circumstances are different as well as the commonaliti ...
Providence Rhode Island Maternity Session | Shanelle & James | Providence Rhode Island Lifestyle Photographer
First things first, I'm not a maternity photographer and without going into details, I met James by fate. In some serendipitous (yeah I went there in terms of verbiage) twist, we connected instantaneously. As our conversation evolved, I learned he was about to become a father. Enter Shanelle. Upon arriving to their home, I was gree ...
Boston Waterworks Museum Wedding | Danielle & Michael | Boston Wedding Photographer
Danielle & Michael are the definition of chill. From the moment I arrived at the Lenox Hotel to begin photographing their details, there was not an ounce of stress in either room. I was greeted by warm smiles from the bride and groom as well as warm welcomes from their respective families. This particular December day, it was r ...
Wellesley College Greenhouse Engagement Session | Deborah & Ryan
When Deborah and I first connected, I was instantly on board to get involved with their wedding day. Deborah and her partner Ryan came up with the idea to photograph their engagement session at the Greenhouses at Wellesley College so we could get to know each other somewhere quiet, but also avoid the cold and add some life to the b ...
Jenna & Nick | Borsari Gallery Wedding | Cape Cod Wedding Photographer
Jenna & Nick are that kind of couple. You know the kind. Always smiling, always within arms reach of one another. You know, crazy crazy in love.
Lisa & Andy | New Haven Lawn Club Wedding | New Haven CT Wedding Photographer
Andy had Lisa's mothers' vintage VW Bug shipped from Portugal and COMPLETELY restored it for Lisa as a wedding gift. A couple after my own heart!
Samantha & Billy | Cumberland Monastery Engagement Session
Big love and big light. Sammy & Billy are freaking amazing people.
Missy & John | Ochre Court Wedding | Newport RI Wedding Photographer
They exude so much happiness and positive energy, that it was impossible not to have a good time while working with them.