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I am a huge fan of good coffee and Providence RI knows how to do it right. I spent the better part of my 20’s living within the city and spoiled by some of the coffee shops within a mile from me. Sadly, Bolt Coffee Company came into Providence after I had left and have been really excited to check it out due to its incredible reputation. It is located right downtown in the Dean Hotel and having finally been able to get in there, I can safely say that it is the best made coffee I have ever had. Bryan Gibb, owner of Bolt, is a super nice guy and it was great hearing a little bit about where he came from and where he plans to go from here.

Bolt began in early 2012 as a crazy idea between two friends. Serve great coffee, and bring people together. We catered weddings and parties on the weekends, and during a few weeks in the summers, we would set up bar at sailing events on the coast. During the early days of the company we honed our vision to a few simple ideas. We are deeply committed to the integrity of our product and interaction. We believe in the power of interpersonal connection on a real level. Theres something so human and basic about people coming together in a genuine way, and it seems as though coffee has and will continue to facilitate that connection. Coffee brings people together, and we want to keep that special. As quality people, we are about integrity throughout the business. We will serve the greatest coffees we can, to our highest level of quality possible, in the most genuine way we can. We want to become more genuine people, and spread that idea to others.

We see Bolt growing organically. We are about making these spaces where people connect. Where they build relationships, cry, laugh, and refresh in solitude. Spaces where real human interaction can take place all the time. To date we have been prudent in our business, only jumping at opportunities that line up with our model, and I see that mentality guiding Bolt into the coming years.

Ultimately Bolt was and is about making something exist. It’s about utilizing our inherent creative natures to bring to life something that was not there before. And through this, bring about some sort of redemption to our sphere of influence. To facilitate good things. Even if it doesn’t last forever, I like to think that Bolt has the opportunity to make some sort of impact.

— Bryan Gibb


Bryan is an amazing guy- the genuine article- a true people person- makes great coffee too!

Bryan’s a great guy and he makes great coffee! : )

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