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Lauren and Jon are super awesome people and really fun to hang with. We recently got out on the water in the freezing cold to snap some engagement photos. Lauren is into 80’s metal and Jon builds hot rods. They simply rule and I could not be more stoked for their wedding next fall. 

Jon proposed to me on Old Orchard
beach in Maine at midnight of our 2 year
anniversary. We walked out of a bar after watching a band and took
the beach route rather than the street.. We walked down by the pier and
we were both A bit buzzed.. There were sandpipers running around and a couple of
random people walking around.. Jon was acting funny.. I could kinda
tell something was up (or so I hoped, as I have been waiting for this moment
for a awhile now).. We were holding hands.. And he stopped walking
and said “i…I…gotta ask you something…” But then started walking again…
Then he stopped again and said “ I gotta ask you something” and he got
down on one knee in the cold damp sand and asked me if I would marry him..
I said yes and started crying, I was so happy.. He also started crying a
little.. Which I thought was very sweet.. We sat in the sand.. And talked
While watching some people walk by down by the water.. And Jon said something
About never changing the way I being a wise ass.. grabbed my phone..opened up
YouTube.. And put on Billy Joel..don’t go changing.. And we both laughed..
And sat and listened for a bit.. Then walked back to our hotel.. It was a
Great night for sure.. The following day we went to York beach and went to York’s wild kingdom, Nubble light house, and drove by the cottage my family used to rent every August for a week and my heart was full. Perfect little vacation… Perfect proposal

— Lauren
This image is actually 19 photos stitched together to create a dramatic sense of depth of field.
This image is actually 19 photos stitched together to create a dramatic sense of depth of field.
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