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Its been 4 days since Amanda & Eric got hitched and I am STILL recovering from all the ridiculous amounts of fun it was. Eric came to me a little less than a year ago with an inquiry. He found me through a friend of a friend and I am so glad he did. Our first conversation via phone lasted over an hour and we were not talking about weddings at all after 5 minutes. We hit it off so good that I now consider him to be a close friend. We have hung out on numerous occasions and both him and Amanda have spent time with my wife and daughter at our home. They are a blast… just a strait up blast to be around. Super positive energy and really funny people. They are also crazy in love and it shows in literally every moment you are around them. 

Their wedding was SO much fun. It was hosted at the Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park in Providence RI. The garden is a really popular spot for weddings in RI and I always wanted to shoot there. The lighting is perfect and the grounds are breathtaking in their beauty. The wedding had a dia de los muertos theme (Mexican day of the dead)  and fell on one of the days during its calendar celebration. If you are unfamiliar with this tradition, it is a celebration where friends and family gather to pray and pay tribute to the love ones lost in our lives. It is a bright and vibrant day, however, and there is amazing art and music, laughter and dancing, which Amanda & Eric nailed perfectly for the theme. Every minute of the day was pure bliss. It did not feel like work at all. I had wayy too much fun with their friends and family and found myself giving many many hugs upon my departure. My close friend Brendan DJ’d and set up some REALLY great uplighting as well, so having him there was also a plus ( and it was his birthday!). 

I meet so many great people in my line of work from all walks of life. I leave every wedding I shoot more humbled than the last because these experiences stick with me as I grow as an individual and an artist. Sometimes my work causes me to cross paths with kindred souls and this was one of those experiences. I am beyond grateful for having had the honor to cover Amanda and Erics wedding day and I could not be more pleased to have made 2 friends with whom will be in my life for many years to come. It is precisely the reason I do what I do for a living. This is never ever a job, it is an experience that quite often changes who I am and how I view the world. Enjoy the photos, and apologies for the disgusting abuse of caps lock 🙂

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