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Im going to sort of reverse this one a bit and see how brief I can make it, because there is a lot to say about Dawn & Kens wedding day. My 1 1/2 hour drive home was during the sunset. I had some old 60’s ska going with a really big iced coffee keeping me company. Life felt good. I was sunburnt and my clothes smelled… well, like I worked in the sun a lot of the day. Also, I had the chance to wear nice jeans and a button up to a wedding. Total score. 

I spent a large portion of the day photographing still life. The wedding took place at the home of a very successful artist who was a personal friend to Dawn & Ken. Everywhere I looked, there was sculptures, paintings, ideas tacked to the wall of a nicely lit studio as well as a bee farm… yeah, a bee farm. Dawn had mentioned she really wanted a lot of images from the surrounding so I really made sure of doing so because it is a very welcomed change of pace. Ken and I also went on a quick trip to the store to get ice. Thanks for the oatmeal cookie, man!

Their ceremony was short and sweet. Their nearest and dearest looked on with water filled eyes and big smiles as I scurried about them trying to be as discrete in my photo making as possible. 

My drive there was…. well… honestly a nightmare. The traffic was so beyond terrible that it took me 2 1/2 hours to make a 1 hour and 20 minute drive. I was stressed out to the core and very under rested, as my daughter was up teething most of the night prior. But I will conclude on this note. There are certain people in this world who carry a charisma and contagious sort of happiness and I was graced with 2 of these people on this day. Upon my arrival, my mood immediately subsided as I realized and thought to myself: “You made it there on time and they are happy. Enjoy the ride and slow down a bit.” I did just that, and the photo’s of their wedding day speak for themselves. Here is a few for you folks to enjoy.



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