Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

Acacia & John were adorable. Seriously it was gross… no it wasn’t. Its always great working with couples who are so full of love and an abundance of energy. They have known one another since high school when they were both track stars from apposing towns. It was evident that they had a lot of history together. The tears of happiness that I witnessed flow from both of them as Acacia’s father escorted her down the isle is a moment in my career that I will never forget. It was poetic and beautiful in every way. I find moments like that emotional for myself, knowing that someday I will do the same for my daughter Magnolia. 

Their ceremony was beautiful and vows were exchanged. The sunset which illuminated the sky with a deep amber glow made for perfect formal photos which were followed by some heartfelt toasts and a serious dance off. It was a great day all in all and even my 2 hour drive home was filled with great tunes and an excitement to get home safely to hug and kiss my wife and daughter goodnight. Enjoy. 

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