Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

Bluegrass, bbq, whiskey & loved ones. This was the theme for Theresa & Matts wedding day and it was perfection from beginning to end. From the 1st look to the last song, I had a grin that reached ear to ear. It was so nice and pleasant & unbelievably full of happiness.

The night was dark & lit only with stringed lights and  small candles. The bluegrass band was seriously amazing and a blast to chat with during dinner. It was everything a wedding should be: inside & out. At one point during the reception, the generator ran out of gas. We sat there under a moonlit sky as the band played on and people danced by candlelight. The air was rich with the smell of bbq, whiskey and cigars.

Theresa & Matt were such a joy for me to work with. From the moment I met them at their engagement session to the moment I hugged them both goodbye on their wedding night, I am so very grateful for having been such an integral part of their wedding day. They are such a great example of a couple who set out on their wedding day to marry one another and not get caught up in the details and stress. And in all of its glory, this southern wedding was such an absolutely surreal way to end a summer full of awesome memories and warm nights. Enjoy.

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