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As a photographer, I prefer to stick with what I know. That is not to be confused with a lack of wanting to challenging myself. However when I photograph weddings on a weekly basis, I find it is best to stick with what I enjoy doing and the typical routine of a wedding day, as there is literally zero margin for error. When I am removed from that comfort zone on an artistic & organizational level, I am left with a sense of uncertainty with what is to come. When shooting for myself, this is the best possible feeling because being uncomfortable is where you elevate your level of creativity. However when it comes to a wedding, it is much more imperative that I have some sense of which direction I am going from a creative perspective. Still with me?

Liza & Ben’s wedding day turned typical weddings on their head and then spun them in circles until disoriented. My best friend Eric, a super talented photographer (, shot with me on this particular Saturday. Our drive up was 3 hours long and included loud music, good chats and even a car wash that I pretty much wasted $10 on. Upon arriving at Windsor Mountain International Camp and seeing people zip lining and rope swinging into the lake, it made sense that we were told that jeans were A-OK.  

There was no preparation shots, no itinerary, no first dances and in turn, no real sense of structure. This was such a welcomed change of pace after such a crazy busy year for me. There was however laugher, beer, pig roasts and quite possibly the most emotionally rich ceremony I have ever witnessed. I have never seen a quaker ceremony before and it is crazy to me that they are not more common. It basically encompasses a sort of “open mic” feeling where all the family & friends can just stand up and speak their blessings and happiness for those who are getting married. Luckily my camera was blocking my face because there were definitely a few times where I though the water works were about to begin. Eric totally did cry (which is half the reason I love the guy). 

In the end, our long drive home was very very happy. It was a magical day of epic proportions. Liza & Ben are such down to earth people and they really set a golden standard for how couples should approach a wedding. Eric & I had the chance to go grab food and drinks with them in Boston a couple months before their wedding day and they are a scream to hang with. They get along so so well and their personalities are addictive to be around. One of my favorite things about them is the fact that when you are speaking with them, they are actually listening to you and not just thinking of what to say next. They are about as genuine as they come. Their sole focus was that they were marrying their best friend and that fun and love should be in abundance throughout the experience. Well, they nailed it. Enjoy the photos. 

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