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From the moment I first spoke with Aly over the phone during our initial consult, I knew that her & Eric were going to be people that I would grow very fond of. Our first meet-up confirmed my suspicions. They were perfect to work with in every way and after the first 5 minutes of their engagement session, I felt as though I was amongst friends. The two of them balance one another like an 18th century romance novel. Eric is a quiet guy and you can tell he is listening and processing when you speak with him. Aly’s father said it best as he conducted their ceremony, “The waters run deep”. He is soft spoken and has a tack sharp sense of humor that always catches you off guard. Aly works as an archivist and speaks eloquently with character and a constant smile. She is immensely friendly and has a personality that lights up any room she steps foot in. Together, they are warm and inviting and never seem to be more than 3 feet apart. As the months passed, I always looked forward to speaking with them and after a fun night in Boston over dinner and drinks, I was hooked. I was so pumped and I knew their wedding day was going to be a big one for me. 

They took their planning in stride and didn’t sweat the small stuff or fear of what could go wrong on the day of the wedding. They continuously told me to do as I wished photographically, which is always music to my ears. This same application of attitude carried into their wedding day with perfect transition and the benefits from doing so were evident on everyones faces. Their families were warm and kind and their friends treated me as if I had known them for years. The ceremony was perfect and the light flowed through the old pane windows of the chapel at the golden hour. The catering staff, venue management, videographer and DJ were an absolute joy to work with and we all coordinated as a team to ensure an effortless day would be ahead. Toast were toasted, dances were danced, and it was all history at the end of the night. It was the perfect wedding, from start to finish.

I could not be more thrilled or grateful that our paths crossed and I became incredibly invested emotionally with their wedding. It can be draining work physically, mentally and emotionally. But when I see a couple like these two say “I do”, it is probably for the best that I remain distracted with my job to photograph the first kiss. Otherwise a couple like Aly & Eric would end up having me in tears if I wasn’t distracted with a camera hiding my face. I am so excited for these two and the journey they are about to embark on with their married and professional lives. So congrats are certainly in order and my sincerest wishes have been relayed for days now. Go #teamginger 


Annie Connelley Stow

O.M.G. Aly B.!!! Elegant and classy in every way! What a wedding! Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness!

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