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On this particular weekend, early fall of 2013, I was starting to really feel the burn from the amount of work I was doing with weddings. I never ever let my own personal fatigue get in the way of my photography, as I find it very liberating to power through and always put my best foot forward. However if you are wondering why this blog posting fell out of chronological order, I will put it as simple and relevantly human as possible- I was wiped out and totally slacked on it. There.. I said it! My work never suffers but my memory…. well yea…. thats another story.

I met Korina & Ben a year before the date of their wedding day. We did an engagement session at the Bonsai Gardens in Bellingham Ma and upon their departure, I purchased a Jade Bonsai that has been very healthily thriving to this day. A couple months back, the bonsai began to overgrow. Upon pruning the branch sprigs, I successfully cloned one on the trimmings. Last week upon looking at it in amazement that I didn’t kill it, I remembered the engagement session I had with them and how fun they were to be around. Not to mention the insane amount of love they had in their eyes for each other when laughing as Ben kept the jokes consistently flowing. I also remembered how beautiful their wedding day was and immediately reached out to the both of them to make plans for the 3 of us to get coffee so I could pass along the little bonsai.

Their wedding day was filled with family and friends to a dizzying degree. It was a great time interacting with everyone and literally everyone I chatted with was warm and welcoming beyond words. The venue was super rustic and had a very organic feel to it. The ceremony was held under an enormous elm tree in the middle of a giant field and the sun was setting with each and every vow spoken. The reception was a non stop evening of people laughing, dancing around tables, dudes pulling garters off other dudes legs…. (Ben) and an amazing bit of live music. They had a super tight knit group of friends and the way that Ben and his twin brother and sister got along simply blew my mind. 

So this leads me back to the bonsai, and no, this is not going to be some Mr. Miyagi quote from the Karate Kid. When the jade tree was growing too big for its pot, I basically just took the 2 largest clippings and put them in water for a few weeks and didnt think much of it other than the fact that I had no clue how to take care of plants and they were both probably going to die. I was pretty stoked when I saw that they grew roots after a couple weeks and then planted them both in whatever cup like receptacle I could find within arms reach. Luckily my wife had an affinity for small inanimate objects from thrift stores before I met her, because one of the trimmings went into a little turquoise pot that fit perfectly for the size of the newly rooted plant. The other trimming, sadly didnt make it in its new home. When I met with Korina and Ben tonight to give them their new baby bonsai, I realized that it was literally the second time in my career that I had spent time with a couple after their wedding date. It was amazing seeing them in their new roles with each other. It also felt good to know that I was rested and they would see me for a bit more of who I am rather than a photographer they hired to photograph their wedding. But the one thing that stood out the most was that the energy I noticed on the day of their engagement session was still present and even stronger than before. And as I left and they said goodbye to each other to go to where they had to go, I realized that even though I am a horrible care taker of plants, I take a great deal of pride in how much I enjoy seeing the love that my couples possess for one another and that I am incredibly grateful for the trust these couples put in my to share their story as I see it on their wedding day. 


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