Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

Sarah & Marshal are about as laid back as couples come. They are basically neighbors to me, so we were all able to meet up on multiple occasions which helped me get to know them better than I typically am able to do with my couples. They are both incredibly cool people and I never found myself without a smile in their presence. Their families were a blast. Upon meeting Marshals father, I think his first words to my friend Sean & I were ” Whats up gangsters?”. Sarah’s Dad is the epitome of cool as well. We had a few good chats about music and photography as well as a heartfelt moment of understanding what it is like to be the father of a daughter. I always empathize with the fathers of the bride. Having a daughter myself, I cannot fathom the emotional roller coaster they are on that day. Every interaction with their extended family and friends was so smooth and I felt a great deal of relaxation throughout the weekend I was up in snowy NH. On our way back, I was really happy to have a good friend second shooting the wedding with me on that day. The whole 4 hour drive, we were in great spirits and talking about the highlights of the day. Fun was had all around and I could not be more pleased with the images to prove it. 

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