Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

Sidonie (or Sido as her friends and family refer to her as) and Eddie were such a pleasure to get to know. Also Colette, Sido’s daughter, is absolutely adorable and reminds me a LOT of my own daughter Magnolia. Throughout the time I had the pleasure of working with them, I always looked forward to chatting with both of them. They compliment eachother beautifully as far as personalities go and they were literally always smiling in the presence of one another. Their ceremony was magical, as the venue it was held in had a really awesome sort of vintage vibe to it. I took a creative leap of faith during the ceremony and shut off my flash in order to capture the very shadowy & romantic ambiance that was so heavily prominent throughout the room. I was thrilled after the fact for having made such a choice. There was a moment during the vows in which Eddie made mention of Colette and she became very emotional. This moment will forever be burned into my memory because of the pure beauty and innocence of it and I had a REALLY hard time trying to keep it together emotionally. The rest of the day played out as I had expected it to: filled with warm smiles, a laid back vibe and a group of family and friends who very visibly make up the community in which make Sido & Eddie the absolute pleasure they are to be in the company of. Enjoy. 

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