Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

These two beautiful souls needed literally zero direction during their engagement session. I simply walked with them, talked with them, and photographed the natural beauty of their love story unfold.

I love the way he compliments me in every area of my life.

— Marilyn

For me, loving Marilyn is just so easy. She’s so beautiful, so patient, so kind, so fun, and cares about people so much

— Jason

I can’t believe I’m getting the opportunity to marry her, to be honest. It’s just so unexpected and amazing. She has taught me so much about different kinds of strength and made me a better man. She teaches me about God’s love everyday. My life is blessed.

— Jason

Jason is just such a good man. He cares about other people and really goes out of his way to take care of them. We have so much fun together. He’s my best friend, and he’s pretty cute too

— Marilyn
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