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There were parts of this day that really resonated with me. To start, Elizabeth is a complete sweetheart and we immediately clicked upon meeting for coffee. Having met Chris solely on the day of their wedding, I can say he is quite possibly the most polite man I have ever met. When I arrived at Moraine Farm, there was overcast which created beautifully soft light as well as landscapes filled with rich greens that were decorated with flowers capturing every nuance of the color spectrum. The staff was incredibly accommodating and they treated their couple like absolute royalty. The day progressed effortlessly and after a nice unplugged ceremony (my dream come true as a photographer), I was able to meet their fantastic family and friends. And as the reception made way and Elizabeths’ late father was honored in countless ways by toasts, her 5 brothers each took her hand one at a time on the dance floor which led way to one of the most emotionally captivating experiences I have ever had while shooting a wedding. There is never a “cap” to how much I feel when I shoot weddings. Every couple has a story that led them to where they are in life. As a photographer, I was thrilled to tell the story of this wedding day as well as the bond that Elizabeth & Chris have. 

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