Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

I have 2 words: theatre people. Krista and John have HUGE personalities and to those who do not believe in true soul-mates: go spend and hour with them. They’ll turn your disbelief on its head. The way these two carry themselves left me speechless. The ceremony was off the walls with laugher, F bombs and tears of joy. Utterly amazing to have been a part. As we went into their brief formals, the structure lasted about 40 seconds before Krista improved the Heimlich Maneuver on John which immediately was followed by a Matrix style Kung Fu battle. NONE of this was scripted in any way by me. Their chemistry is all organic and flawlessly perfect to who they are as individuals as well as a couple. I approached this day with risk, I shot dark. REAL dark during the reception. I wanted to encompass their larger- than- life love story and really show the spectacle of happiness it is to be in their presence. I was smiling the entire time I edited their photographs and I am really stoked to share them with you here.

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