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There’s not a combination of words that I can put together to describe what Liz & Andrew’s wedding day was like. I’ve known Liz since high school and have always held her in extremely high regard. She is sharp as a tack, very very chill, and an extremely talented artist. I met Andrew upon taking their wedding day on and he has such a magnetic personality as well as an equal amount of awesome. They put a CRAZY amount of effort and detail into everything and as their guests arrived, I was immediately in shock to see so many old faces that I was friends with in my much younger years. The joy and love in the air was so thick that the forecasted rain became a distant thought in everyones mind. As their ceremony began and people looked on with love and support, the clouds opened up and the rain poured down. It didn’t phase a single soul, not even myself with 2 cameras hanging at my sides. Everyone ran with laughter to the tent and the show went on. Vows were made and flower petals were thrown. Tears of happiness were all around. It was the most epic thing I have ever seen on a wedding day. The amount of “let the universe run its course” was fully present. The day continued, an epic dinner was served and What Cheer Brigade marched their way into the tent with horns blaring and the whole place went berserk with dancing, laughter and all around fun times. This day was a shift in the tide for me and I left their home with an ear to ear grin and a very full heart.

Keep calm and let it rain 🙂

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