Paul Robert Berman Photography Co.

Every single detail you see in the following photos are completely hand made and crafted by Marilyn & Jason. They took DIY to the very literal level. Even the wooden placemats used for dinner were hand carved from scratch and painted and the Edison bulbs warmly lighting the dinner tables were custom made by hand. When I stepped into what they created, I was speechless. It was a complete reflection of who they are as people: warm, caring and highly family centric. I felt like I stepped into a world that they created for their wedding day. Lets rewind a bit…

I met Jason by chance. Back in February I was photographing an amazing wedding and had the pleasure of working with an incredibly cool & talented videographer named Jared. We chatted up a storm that evening and stayed in touch after the wedding. He then reached out to me around April to tell me the other owner of his company was getting hitched in August and was interested in me shooting the big day. Enter Jason. Jason and I spoke a bit, made a contract and then the date was set. We had a few small friendly exchanges over email and phone about food and music and when we met for the engagement session, I officially made him and Marilyn a part of my life. I had to. They are incredible individuals through and through. They have an addictive energy to be around and the positive outlook they possess in life is something cherished and rare.

Watching them interact at their engagement session was awesome. They have a love for each other that is so care free and fun. Yet at the same time, they are both two solid and strong individuals on their own in terms of character and personality. We had a great sit down meal afterwards and chatted for a while and when we parted ways, bear hugs ensued. I was hooked. 

On the day of their wedding, their family and friends all played an essential role in the success of their DIY wedding. They worked as a team to make it happen and it is obvious that this trait carries into their day to day lives and relationships. They were all exceptional people and I enjoyed every single moment I was around them. At the end of the day, I was exhausted. My bones hurt so bad and my head was throbbing. My legs were like jelly, so much so that I was having a hard time pushing the clutch to shift my car. But regardless of that, I was in the best mood ever. I arrived home, gave my wife and kids a kiss as they slept and loaded my memory cards into my computer and immediately got to work on their edits. I was stoked to re-live the day all over again. 

Jason and Jarod are the owners of and I suggest you take a minute to check them out after you scroll through this massive set of photos. They are amazing at what they do and I highly recommend their services to anyone even remotely interested in wedding videography. Much Love.

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