Kristen & Peter 10.12.13- Gibbet Hill, Groton Ma

It took me 3 days to recover from Kristen & Peters wedding. I had lost my voice from singing, my legs were so beyond sore from dancing and my face literally ached from smiling non stop for 8 strait hours. It was so much fun that I forgot that I was actually working. Not to mention my best friend Eric covered the entire day with me.  

I have known Kristen for the better part of a decade now. We used to sit on the roof of her loft building in downtown Providence at night back in the day while having drinks and laughing/ talking with friends about what the future may hold for us all. Fast forwarding to present day, I could not be more proud & happy of were life has taken her. She is a very respected teacher and is loved beyond words by a man whom I have come to meet and know this past year. Peter is an extremely compassionate & soft spoken guy who teaches professionally as well possesses great musical talent . It is super evident of how huge his love for Kristen is even by the way his eyes light up as he listens to her speak. They are what I like to call a power couple, as they reflect each other so perfectly. Their families are incredibly fun and happy individuals as well and the friends that Kristen & Peter have are so clearly an extension of that family. 

The photos in which I took that day will be forever locked in my memory. It was surreal while photographing Kristen walking down the isle with her father. I had to try my best to turn off the emotion so my job could be done. It is a strange thing how having a lens between yourself and your subject creates a buffer that heavily alters reality in many ways. I find myself to be in situations and circumstances that I would be too shy and nervous to put myself within in my day to day life. Being a wedding photographer is certainly extremely hard and stressful work at times. However to be present in moments that literally nobody else can have the same sort of perspective in is an unbelievable feeling as well as an incredible honor.