Crystal & John 5.11.13- Searles Castle: Windham, NH

Crystal & John came to me within this past year and requested my photography for their wedding. Upon speaking with John, I was really happy to find their date still available in my calendar. They have a magnetic set of personalities and I knew it was going to be a fun one. 

I found myself this past Saturday gearing up and stressed about the impeding rain that had been forecasted. Their ceremony was to be held outdoors at the absolutely beautiful Searles Castle up in Windham New Hampshire. After doing a quick inventory check on my gear and making sure my pinstriped pants matched my killer new wingtips, I gave the wife and daughter a kiss and hit the road. No traffic, strait shot... always something highly welcomed when en route to a wedding. 

Upon my arrival (and a total feeling as though I just arrived at Hogwarts castle), the sprinkling rain made me worrisome. I was watching the staff wipe the rain off chairs and hoping the weather would stave off as long as possible. Not only for the bride and grooms sake but for my own, as I am constantly paranoid about my equipment getting damaged (yes it is waterproof). 

After floating back and forth from the bridal suite to the grooms room taking my preparation shots, I made way through the crowd for the main event. It began to sprinkle a bit heavier and I felt my heart rate sort of pick up. The groom came to his place as did the rest of the bridal party. Next moment, Crystal made way to her groom and to my enthrallment, the rain completely stops and the clouds begin to break. Like strait out of the old disney movies. Heart rate returns to normal and then, show time. 

After a beautiful ceremony and a couple of toasts, the party began. The love and happiness in the tent was seriously amazing and very contagious. I could not believe how much energy was present. Massive fun was had all around and like always, I was very happy to be a part. During nights like these, I find myself with an ear to ear grin looking happily around the room and thinking to myself that I seriously have the greatest job that could possibly exist.