Renee & Nick 5.18.13- Plymouth, Ma

A few things stand out when I think of Renee & Nick. Number 1: they have the cutest dog I have ever seen in my life & his name is Troy. Number 2: they are super laid back people with a really great set of friends. And 3: they LOVE black & white photography and let me do what I do with no questions asked. This is always a real treat on a wedding day because it allows me to experiment with techniques that some folks may not be a fan of ( which is totally fine by me, I aim to please) . I arrived at their house which is literally on the ocean and spent some time with Nick and his guys. Really great group of dudes who made me feel like part of the gang within minutes. We walked down the cliff to the ocean and spent some time laughing while taking some great shots of them hanging out and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Next stop: Renee! The bride was stunning and really excited to marry her guy. The room was lit so perfectly and I could not help taking advantage of the natural light, so the flash stayed off 95% of the time. Her ladies were so encouraging and you could tell they all had a very rare bond with one another. Her mother was literally glowing with pride and happiness for her daughter which made me depart with a good feeling about the rest of the evening. 

Their ceremony perfection. A MASSIVE cathedral church with enormous stained glass windows. The sun was setting at the perfect time and it casted intense golden rays of sunshine through the stained glass. The ceremony continued on, "I do's" were had and we were off to the Rye Tavern in Plymouth, Ma.

The setting was perfect. I followed a long dirt road through the woods which led me to a great rustic tavern in a big clearing surrounded by old trees and small fields. Two guys were KILLING it playing low key live music and the sun was setting as I did formal shots. The evening went on with lots of laughter and happiness and an overall sense of content that is very welcome when photographing weddings. Its nice when you take your time and let the rest of the world buzz on by. You see, smell and hear things that you typically miss when going with the flow of life's traffic. Thanks for the great evening Renee & Nick. Welcome to married life :)