Renae & Steven 5.26.13- Arnold Arboretum, Boston Ma

It was a bit disorienting having a Saturday off from weddings. However when this Sunday morning arrived, I was excited. I only got to meet Renae & Steven one time and it was over coffee during a weekday. Renae is a well respected pastry chef in NYC and Steven works at one of the most reprised foodie joints in the country, also in NYC. They are 2 of the most laid back people I have met to date and we spoke of food, music and Portlandia: 3 things that I think are fantastic. 

Renae's bridesmaids were all awesome. Really. Every single one of them. I made my preparation photographs without ever getting the feeling that I may be in somebodies way. Preparation photographs are possibly my favorite shots to get. There is this incredible energy that fills the room and you can feel the buzz within everybody. Its contagious in the best way possible. There was a few minutes where everyone was packing up their cars towards the end where Renae and I sort of hung out and chatted. Her demeanor left a good impression with me that will last for some time. She was cool as a cucumber and was just riding the whole thing through with a big smile and no anxiety. I knew the ceremony would share this same sort of vibe.

Upon arrival to the Arnold Arboretum, and what felt like 55 red lights on a 7 mile stretch, Steven and his family practically mirrored the same relaxed undertone. Smiles were being had in every direction I turned. Also, his groomsmen had the greatest ties. It felt like something from "The Fantastic Mr Fox" and ironically enough, his guys sort of resembled folks from misc. Wes Anderson films. The ceremony was under a canopy of 60 foot trees. SO much green scenery. It was perfect in every way. Hands were held, vows were spoken and a kiss was made. Also, I inhaled a bug and started choking.. dead serious. Luckily I kept my hacking to a minimum and nobody seemed to notice.  

The reception was held at a yacht club and displayed the same relaxed undertone in which the rest of the day embraced. Upon editing their images, it took me back to the feeling I was having while photographing said moments. I meet people from all walks of life. Every background you can possibly imagine. Wedding days have their own life force which ebbs and flows like so many other important days in our lives. I find it profoundly beautiful when couples can slow down time and just walk in their own worlds with one another. Renae & Steven have this down to a science. Enjoy the photos.