Erin & Peter 6.8.13- West Dennis Yacht Club, Cape Cod Ma

Erin & Peter are a really fun couple from NYC. Our exchanges have always included a good deal of humor and they have a very magnetic set of personalities. Upon arriving at Erin's parents Cape Cod home, I knew where she got her awesomeness from. Her family was so unbelievably friendly and inviting. I am usually a rather shy individual, however not on this day. I felt as though I have known them for years. Erin's bridesmaids where all equally as awesome. I knew the day was going to be a blast. 

The week leading up to their wedding day was rainy and ominous. It was originally forecasted to be rain on that Saturday, however this all changed with the weekend forecast predicted on Friday. Sure enough, the clouds cleared and there was zero humidity. My drive was nice and involved zero traffic as well, which is always a plus.

Upon arriving to the church from Erins location, I met up with Peter and his groomsmen as well as family. It was then that I realized where the second half of the "Erin & Peter" equation got their humorous and generally fantastic dispositions from. Peters family almost mirrored Erins in the way they were, very warm and SUPER friendly individuals.  

After a beautiful ceremony with a full house of loved ones cheering them on, Erin and Peter walked that aisle arm in arm with ear to ear grins and off we went to the Yacht Club. The first thing I noticed was how literally perfect the lighting was. I honestly cannot recall ever having better light at a wedding reception. West facing panoramic windows overlooking a vast ocean with an amber sun setting upon it. It was literally perfect. Dances were had, toasts were given and I hid my very happy face behind a very busily working camera.  

One thing I always look for on a wedding day is how just married couples interact while they enjoy their receptions. I find it to be interesting seeing how they transition throughout the day from being two to being one. Erin and Peter were like a super duo. They were always at arms length from one another and I dont know if they realized it. It was almost as though they were magnetized to one another. It was beautiful and in the end, I am so grateful that I got to share their wedding day with them.  

As much as it may not seem evident, the chemistry I have with couples throughout this journey I take with them is what makes for the best photographs 90% of the time.  There is a strange kinetic energy that exists within the trio. Though I am not part of the wedding, their wedding is a part of me and I become pretty emotionally invested in it. When the lights of the venue are powered off and the newlyweds head home, my part is only halfway done. I spend many more hours with my couples when the day has finished, in the sense of the editing process. I relive the wedding all over again and that is when I really feel the emotion on the excited grooms face or the emotion behind the eyes of a brides father as he gives a toast. It is humbling to do this as a career and my gratitude is enormous for the couples who entrust me with the honor. Erin and Peter were one of those couples where that emotion really consumed my efforts and made it a very memorable experience.