Nicole & Bryan 8.10.13- River Club, Scituate Ma

My Wife, Daughter & I are obsessed with the Italian bakery local to us. We frequent the place almost weekly. In our visits we became very friendly with one of their bakers whom also works the counter. She is the sweetest/ nicest lady I have met in literally years and we always enjoy seeing her. Upon her finding out my profession, she informed me her daughter was planning a wedding. Well as one would expect from that point, things led naturally in the direction that has led to this wedding blog post. Nicole & Bryan are super nice and have been together since the beginning of their college years. I always enjoyed chatting with them, as they are into the same nerdy stuff as myself. Their wedding day was a blast and their friends and family seriously could not have been more pleasant to be in the company of. The weather was great and the lighting was perfect.