Erin & Scott 8.17.13- Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, Waltham Ma

There are couples whom I meet from time to time who's love and happiness with one another is too big for words. I have been finding myself this past 24 hours trying to hypothesize my experience with Erin & Scott. Upon finishing up my edits, I came to the conclusion that there are no useful words to put their love and relationship into perspective for anyone who does not know them personally. In my time of working with them, I can honestly say I have never seen 2 individuals compliment each others personalities so smoothly. They both have an unbelievably friendly disposition and were so incredibly easy to talk with. I felt almost as if I was one of their invited guests on their wedding day. Every single interaction I had on this particular Saturday was a pleasant one. Not to say this is out of the norm, but in a way that sort of warmed my heart. 

Their ceremony was filled with laughter and after the geese migrating above passed by during their vows, they kissed under a sun drenched tree and we walked the main strip downtown literally stopping traffic as we moved from spot to spot. Their first dance held a backstory that I will never ever forget and was graced by a recording of the beautiful singing voice of the brides mother whom passed away coming up on ten years ago. This dance and the emotion of love and bittersweet memory brought me back to my own wedding day: as my younger brother passed away 1 year before my wife and I were married. 

After a few heartfelt toasts and a seriously amazing meal, the night was spent dancing and laughing and just living in each awesome moment that was to follow the previous. I found myself amidst the crowd of dancing family and friend thinking to myself how absolutely INSANE it was that I was actually at work. I have always been grateful that all of my couples leave me pretty much speechless at the end of each night, but this one was a bit special to me. As I was walking back to my car, I called my wife as I typically do when I am about to embark on my (usually) long drive home to tell her I love her. And while driving home, I kept thinking about how I am not only driving home to my beautiful wife and daughter, but also to my best friend and daughter. Couples like Erin & Scott are just sort of that magical force that give hope to everyone. Even though marriage can have its trying times, you always have the comfort in knowing that there is someone always there at the end of a long day. It is all about patience, understanding and being the driving force to embark on life's journey with someone through all of the gutters and strikes. Had throw a little bowling nerdery in there :)