Danielle & Brittany 9.14.13- Red Apple Farm, Phillipston MA

Danielle & Brittany came to me for wedding photography not too long ago. I originally was going to take this weekend off for a breather seeing how I have had an absolutely crazy busy year with weddings. However when they told me they only wanted a half day and that it was at an apple orchard in central Ma, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Im pretty happy I made that judgement call. 

My drive up was awesome. The miserable summer heat is gone here in New Engalnd and there was an Autumn chill in the air. As i progressed further on my 2 hour drive, the leaves began to change colors which left a good nostalgic feeling within me. Autumn and WInter are my favorite times of year hands down. My creative outlets are plentiful and my drive to want to be outdoors is through the roof.  

After some preparation shots and a quick drive to the apple farm, I walked through the blueberry patches and through a few rows of apple trees. The light outside was perfect: cloudy. I prefer my images to have a rather moody & atmospheric tone to them & cloudy skies make this sort of tonality ideal. Their ceremony was beautiful. It incorporated all the elements to make for a perfect wedding day. There was laughter & tears of happiness. Their vows were spoken with such conviction that I found myself moved.

Though I have only been in the company of Brittany & Danielle for a cumulative total of 5 hours, I feel like I have known them forever. They are very warm and friendly people who's personalities compliment one another with perfection. It was a blast working with them to say the least and I am forever grateful to have been able to photograph these 2 beautiful brides on their wedding day. Enjoy the photos.