Nadia- Portrait Session | Providence RI Portrait Photographer

Winter is typically a difficult time for me as a working wedding photographer. I intentionally do not take on many wedding bookings and often find myself with too much time to think and second guess my work and creative process. In a world filled with Instagram & other social media platforms that display incredible talent across the world, its hard to not compare yourself to others and desire different locations and subject matter to photograph. It’s a super volatile way to think, but I have come to terms with the fact that it’s part of my personality to be this way. Therefore rather than beat myself up for it, I accept it and try to use it as a proxy for my own work and a motivational factor to push myself harder during these long cold months. With the start of each winter season, I tell myself that I'll focus on personal projects and shoot the way I really prefer to shoot, which is dark and moody. I personally feel like there is a line that I avoid crossing with my wedding work in regards to shooting dark. But there is a technical aspect to it that is incredibly satisfying to me. Many thanks to Nadia for letting me make portraits of her.