Sarah & Bob 7.12.14- Fruitlands Museum, Harvard Ma

After a month off for paternity leave for the birth of my wife and I's son, Sarah & Bob were my first wedding to get my feet wet again. Photographing weddings is not like riding a bike. It is very physically and mentally draining and even missing one week will take a toll on you. Lucky for me, Sarah & Bob are awesome people with an incredible energy and are a LOT of fun to be around. Needless to say, it was a fast and smooth transition. It should also be noted that Tim and his staff at Fruitlands Museum were incredibly accommodating to literally everyone on site. I have honestly never witnessed a venue have their stuff together to such a meticulous degree and at the same time be super laid back and happily engaging. The day carried an abundance of sunshine and smiles. Their families and friends were super fun to be in the company of and Sarah's sisters were practically running the show, allowing me to focus on whats most important: documenting the moments. Watching Sarah & Bob together was amazing. They compliment one another so well. He is very soft spoken yet has a strong presence and she has such a positive energy that literally never lulls and is almost impossible not to feed off of. They were a blast to work with from start to finish and are a model of why I love doing what I do. Enjoy.