Rhode Island Coastal Wedding | Kelley & Ariel | Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

When a wedding is held at home, many hearts are happy. Kelley & Ariel hosted their nuptials at Kelley's home in South County RI, not too far from East Matunuck beach. But to rewind a bit, I adore these two humans. Within 30 seconds of the first time I spoke with Kelley, I was more concerned about becoming friends than I was with booking them. Upon booking them, it was even more of an honor to be in their lives. Their engagement session was a blast and when we grabbed brunch just to hang out this past spring, I didn't want to leave. Thats the thing with these two, they are addicting to be around. They generate nothing but good vibes and big smiles. Back to present day, I can say their family and friends are the same. They are all just incredibly cool people. Not once did I feel like a wedding vendor. I was blown away with all the love and happiness I witnessed and experienced. Brooklyn's finest made Rhode Island a better place on this fine day.

Venue: Home Residence

Catering: Russell Morins

Design & Styling: Good Look'n