Amanda & Jeff 7.26.14- Fosters Pavilion & Harpoon Brewery, Boston Ma

The weather was amazing and the city was bustling with people all over. When I arrived at location 1, I was met by Jeff and a TON of groomsmen, all of whom immediately made me feel like part of the bunch. It was evident that there were deep roots with all of them and the same can be said for Amanda and her ladies (and bridesman!). Both of their families were incredible folks and it became very clear early on where Amanda & Jeff get their awesome positive attitudes from. The ceremony was heavy on sincerity, to the point that I was fighting back happy tears during the vows. The ceremony was also great due to the amazing job that their planner Sarah did at and her dedication to making the ceremony live up to the company name was certainly on par. After the ceremony, we hit the courthouse for some formals and then the Harpoon Brewery for a tour with a whole bunch of folks. It was a blast from start to finish and a welcomed departure to step out of my creative comfort zone. Enjoy.


Jeff:   Our relationship has taught me a lot about myself including discovering and growing a love deeper than I ever thought was possible. As husband and wife our life begins now together officially as family, and I am so excited for all that will bring us including children, a happy home, and endless love.

Amanda:   Becoming Mrs. Parkes isn’t about a new name; it’s about solidifying the most important relationship of my life. It’s a surname that celebrates finding the man of my dreams, making and then marrying the best friend of my life, and creating a loving family.  Our relationship and marriage make me feel loved, safe, beautiful, and ecstatic.